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Melissa Maskery

Melissa Maskery is Oak Knoll School's Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer

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5 Ways Student-Athletes Can Boost Self Confidence

Posted by Melissa Maskery on Sep 23, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Student-athletes may feel a sense of insecurity or self-doubt when they step on the field or the court. It may be jitters associated with playing in a big game, playing a new position or simply returning to the field after the off-season. They may feel pressure from parents or coaches to "be the best" or play perfectly, but that pressure often takes over and leaves the player ineffective and overwhelmed with low self-esteem. Instead of sweeping that anxiety under the rug, it's important to tackle it head-on. Read below for five strategies for student-athletes so they can boost self-confidence.

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Athlete's Guide to Staying Healthy in the Winter

Posted by Melissa Maskery on Jan 30, 2019 4:29:16 PM

Whether in-season or out-of-season, it’s important athletes take care of themselves during the winter months. The cold weather impacts your body by tightening muscles, causing dehydration and, for some, triggering asthma. As the extreme temperatures settle in, use our guide to athletic health care to help athletes prepare their bodies for the cold winter months.

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10 Facts about Sports-Related Concussions

Posted by Melissa Maskery on Nov 12, 2018 12:05:59 PM

Concussions have been a hot topic within the last couple of years, and rightfully so. It seems there are stories in the news almost every day about another professional athlete entering the concussion protocol and undergoing evaluation and treatment. But professional athletes aren’t the only ones suffering from this serious condition – young children and high school student-athletes are just as susceptible to brain-related injuries. It can happen at any age, to boys or girls, and just as likely to occur on the playground as well as the football field.

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