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5 Questions with Alex Podchaski

Posted by James McEvoy on Dec 7, 2017 12:13:02 PM
The Educational Forum for Families with Intellectually Curious Students on Saturday, December 9, 2017 is a day of fun and learning for families with students in grades 4-12 and open to all on the campus of Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child in Summit, New Jersey. Presentations for parents include sessions on technology in education, emotional intelligence, the relevance of learning history, gifted and talented advocacy, and much more. Interactive workshops for students include 3-D printing, public speaking, the magic of modern tinkering, creating a virtual world and more. Click here for more information and to register.
Ahead of the Forum, we are interviewing some of the presenters who will inspire our parent and student attendees.
Here, we caught up with Alex Podchaski, Director of Technology at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child, who will present on "Technology in Education."
Alex Podchaski_10 Questions.jpg

1. What will attendees learn during your session?

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn what trends are currently impacting learning in the classroom, and how to potentially bring some of those trends home to continue the learning process.

2. Why should someone attend your session?

Everyone loves finding out what new gadgets and gizmos are becoming available via technology. Not all of them are appropriate for learning or a classroom. Come learn how to best distinguish between the two.

3. Who is your session geared toward?

My session is geared toward parents interested in growing an understanding of how technology fits into the education framework. Technology is a tool to be used in a classroom by the teachers to assist them in the learning process. Many times, we lose focus on how the technology can assist learning, and sometimes expect the technology to do the learning for us. I want to help correct that misperception, and give options that enhance learning.


4. What book are you reading now?

I just subscribed to a book group called Leaderbox by Michael Hyatt. I am finishing up "Critical Conversations" by Kerry Patterson & Joseph Grenny, and hope to move to "Steal the Show" by Michael Port soon.


5. How can people follow you online?

I host #edtechchat, a weekly conversation on educational technology on Twitter, via @ajpodchaski. We also record a podcast available on iTunes. Click here to follow me on LinkedIn.


Alex Podchaski, a certified education technology leader, has been Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child’s director of technology since 2008. In 2015, he was named to Huffington Post’s inaugural list of the Top Social Tech Leaders in K-12 education as someone who has embraced social media to exchange ideas and solutions in the ever-evolving educational landscape. He earned bachelor’s degrees in physics and mechanical engineering from Rutgers University, where he would also earn a master’s in strategic management. Podchaski also taught as an adjunct faculty member at the university, where he built Rutgers’ first network operations center.

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