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2020 Tech Gift Guide for Kids

Posted by Laura Perillo on Nov 19, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Extra, extra, this just in! We intercepted an important letter (really, tiny handwriting, actually) here at OKS from Bernard, the Chief Technology Elf at the North Pole! He accidentally forwarded our school’s Marketing and Communications office a top secret letter that was indented for Santa!

We could not wait to share this hot off the presses from the elf factory. We don’t want you to miss out on this important holiday information – the best technology gifts of 2020. Hint, hint: Black Friday is coming!


Dear Santa,

2020 – The year COVID said Oak Knoll School had to go remote and shut down,
“We’ll get back to class soon kids, we promise,” said Oak Knoll. “Now, don’t you frown!”

Students, teachers, and staff worked hard all spring in school online over Zoom,
But, being in the classroom and roaming halls was just not the same as going to school from their room.

Multiple car parades happened, and a socially distant graduation went off without a hitch,
When the warm summer months came to Oak Knoll, off went a light switch!

Campus administrators were determined to get back on campus, but this time with a safe plan,
Desk dividers, hand sanitizers, temperature checks, and new HVAC fans.

The first day of school came and Oak Knoll’s students, who came back, were so happy!

Since September, these kids have been asked to go above and beyond from their normal routines,
They have masked up, stood 6 feet apart, and learned behind plexiglass screens.

So, without getting sappy, it’s time for us now in the North Pole to do something special for the students who followed every school rule,
Don’t worry, I know how kids can be these days, this idea is most cool!

Let’s make more of these hot ticket tech gifts for them, they’re so tech-savvy now (Thanks COVID), as you know,
Some of these popular gifts will only help all their unique talents to grow.

So, Santa here is my suggested list of the best tech gadgets to gift to the students at OKS,
Because if you really stop to think about all that these kids do, they really are just the best!

From, your most loyal, trusted tech guru,

Bernard, Chief Technology Elf,
The North Pole

Santa, please find my recommendations below for the hottest technology items for the students at Oak Knoll after conferring with Kimberly Connolly, Oak Knoll's Associate Director for Technology Innovation and Integration. I recommend that we work at warp speed to make enough for kids world-wide, not just at Oak Knoll!



Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit

Award-winning learning games let your child interact with tangible educational toys and an iPad, bringing their actions to life. A hands-on learning adventure awaits your little genius (No WiFi necessary for game play). An Osmo Base is included, an iPad is not included, both are required for game play.


Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse

Introduce children to coding with this easy programmable Mouse; Mouse lights up and sounds and also features two speeds are perfect for tabletop or floor play.


Math Wizard Starter Kit

Everything you need to play with the Math Wizard series of interactive learning games! This kit includes two games with two different gameplays for a well-rounded learning experience, plus an Osmo Base. Just attach your device to the base to begin your Math Wizard journey!



Fisher-Price Code 'n Learn Kinderbot, Multicolor, Standard (FXG15)

Interactive robot friend for preschoolers ages 3-6 years. 3 ways to play: free coding, learning challenges, and “secret codes." Input a code to decide where Code 'n Learn Kinderbot goes! 4 simple machine accessories & "secret code" booklet to unlock more learning! Helps get kids ready for kindergarten with lights, actions, and fun phrases about colors, shapes, and more!


(Grades 2+)

SPHERO Mini Activity Kit

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything you need to get rolling and playing. Each Kit comes with a clear-shelled Sphero Mini robotic ball, Construction Set, Activity Cards, Bowling Pins, and Cones to build mazes, design obstacle courses, construct towers, play croquet, and more.

(Grades 2+)

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Now with coding! Kids learn how to control electronics with code in 6+ New Block-Based coding missions. Missions & challenges: now with 22+ missions in the app so kids can teach their Droid new skills. Customizable: missions help kids get creative, inventing new Droids & giving them personality. Requires Smart device: either iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android (KitKat 4.4 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 or later and an accelerometer) is required to build and control your Droid. Amazon devices not compatible at this time. Complete Droid kit: includes all electronic blocks, Droid parts, 9V battery, and free app.

(Grades 2+)

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit

Who doesn't love robots? Introduce kids to the creative world of coding with the best educational STEM toys to foster their curiosities. Building, learning, and programming robots has never been more fun!

(Grades 2+)

Sphero RVR: All-Terrain

Meet the Sphero RVR, our most versatile coding robot yet, packed with a diverse suite of sensors and built for customization. Drive RVR precisely and accurately right out of the box – no assembly or complicated setup required.

(Grades 5/6)

Wonder Workshop Cue

Unlike any other robot: Cue is an engagingly sophisticated learning robot that will inspire hours of creative problem solving. With something for beginning and advanced coders alike, Cue can grow with the user and take coding to the next level.

(Middle/High School)

Meet Spectacles 3 — camera glasses that capture your world in 3D. Two HD cameras record 3D videos and photos at 60 fps, and four built-in microphones capture immersive, high-fidelity audio.


(Middle/High School)


Popl is a small NFC tag placed on the back of your phone or other surface that lets you instantly share your social media, music, payment platforms and contact info just by tapping your phone to a compatible smartphone.

(Middle/High School)


3D Printing Pen

The world’s first in a 3D printing device. Featuring improved power, durability, and reliability for a superior doodling experience.

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child's Tech Gift Guide for Kids started in 2016 and is published annually. It was the brainchild of then-OKS Chief Technology Officer Alex Podchaski who wanted to give families an idea of the age-appropriate hottest educational tech toys available for the year ahead of Black Friday.

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