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5 Tips to Overcome Stress in High School

Posted by Kate Riggin on May 15, 2018 11:55:32 AM

Let’s be honest, high school can be a stressful place. With tests, quizzes and homework every week, it can be difficult to manage your stress, along with the high academic workload. And most of us have extracurricular activities outside the normal school day ⸺ like clubs, sports or jobs ⸺ that it’s hard to balance our responsibilities without feeling some level of anxiety. As a senior, my stress level surrounding my college decision and the thought of “the next step” has been on high a number of times this year. Luckily, I’ve had a lot of support along the way.


At Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child, we’re taught about the importance of mental health and mindfulness as part of our overall health and wellness. We’re taught to take care of ourselves ⸺ mind, body and soul ⸺ in order to perform at our best level, no matter if it’s academically, athletically, artistically or spiritually. And it’s true - taking care of my mind has enabled me to stay focused.

To help others who may be battling the anxiety that comes with trying to balance everything throughout the school year, I’ve put together five tricks that have helped me to overcome stress in high school:

1. Stay organized

Clutter can increase stress and make your life more difficult. Organizing study areas and workload can increase productivity.

2. Power naps

Staying up all night studying for a test can be exhausting and cause you to be sleep deprived. Power naps throughout the day can help you relax and catch up on that must-needed sleep.

3. Exercise

Having a routine everyday can help increase productivity and is known to be one of the healthiest ways to blow off steam. From biking to class, to morning gym or yoga, any form of exercise will help relieve your stress and make you feel accomplished throughout the day.

4. Eat Healthy

Eating well-balanced meals throughout the day will help you feel better about yourself and give you the energy you need to stay organized.

5. Meditate

If it is just 10 minutes every day, meditation can help control your stress and decrease anxiety. Before a test or in between homework assignments, taking time to meditate and taking deep breaths will alleviate your stress instantly.

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