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What Is Social Distancing?

Posted by Meghan Hodgin on Mar 14, 2020 2:28:11 PM

We keep hearing the term “social distancing” as one of the key measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus to others. And with state and national guidelines restricting large gatherings, what does this really mean? Must we remain quarantined inside our homes? Is it OK to have a playdate with a friend? Can you still host that birthday party this weekend? Should you go for a walk in the park?

What Is Social Distancing?

"Social distancing means remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible." - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A few of us have instituted our own strict guidelines for what it means while others have been trying to carry on as normal as possible. As parents and as children of older adults, we should all be aware of what social distancing means so that we can make the best decisions for our families. As always, parents need to take responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their children. We have compiled a list of resources below to help you gauge what may or may not be right for your own family.

These measures, along with proper hygiene (hand-washing, sneezing and coughing into elbows, etc.) help us do our part to limit exposure to those most vulnerable.

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