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Beyond the Classroom: Oak Knoll's Holistic Approach to Education

Posted by Kelly Dun on Oct 16, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Oak Knoll is an environment that nurtures each child's growth, not just academically but in all facets of life. We firmly believe in the idea of "actions, not words," a philosophy that encourages students to embrace new experiences, venture out of their comfort zones, and not fear failure.


Trying new things is pivotal to personal development. It builds resilience, instills confidence, and fosters a growth mindset. When students engage in new activities, they encounter situations they've never faced before. This is where real learning happens — in the unfamiliar, the uncertain, the unknown.

Whether joining the forensics or soccer teams, concert choir, or volunteering for a community service project, every new experience adds to a student's repertoire of skills and helps them understand themselves better. It allows them to discover their passions and gives them a sense of purpose, which is a vital stepping stone on the journey to adulthood.

At Oak Knoll, we're not just educating; we're inspiring. We're not just teaching; we're instilling a love for lifelong learning. From our Little Acorns Early Childhood Program through Grade 12, we're shaping future leaders. Oak Knoll's faculty encourage all students to embrace new experiences with open hearts and minds. After all, each new experience is a step toward discovering who you truly are and who you can become.

So, to all our students, the future pioneers of the world, I say this — take risks, try new things, and embrace the unfamiliar. In doing so, you'll not only build confidence but also discover your purpose, your passion, and your path to success.

Kelly Dun is Oak Knoll's Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid. She has been with Oak Knoll since 2020 and loves being an adviser to her sophomore advisees!

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