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3 Quirky Classes to Take at Oak Knoll

Posted by Jodie De Jesus ’21 on Jul 19, 2021 11:08:08 AM

Oak Knoll’s Upper School offers a wide variety of classes for grades 7-12. From Darkroom Photography to HO Psychology, AP Latin to HO Engineering, the opportunities are limitless. As a student, I’ve enjoyed getting to explore these options and challenge myself academically. However, some of my most memorable experiences have been taking those OKS courses that are on the rather quirky side.

3 Quirky Classes to Take at Oak Knoll

Below are a few of those unique classes which I recommend for any student:

Intro to Computer Graphics

As an avid fan of both computer science and visual arts, taking this class was a no-brainer for me! This course is open to sophomores, who get to choose two arts courses to take during two of the four quarters. Taught by the brilliant Mr. Cardell, the Upper School’s Creative Arts Director, we learned how to use Corel Painter software to create beautiful artwork on our laptops, such as landscapes and logos. The best aspect of the course, in my opinion, was our small class size, which meant a more intimate setting and individualized attention for each student.

Morning Yoga and Gentle Stretch

Looking for an alternative to a traditional physical education course? This is the class for you! Freshmen and sophomores can opt to take this yearlong class or its counterpart, Morning Strength and Conditioning to fulfill their PE requirement. Morning Yoga meets three times a cycle and starts at 7:30 AM. But I personally think having to wake up and get to school a little earlier is worth it for the extra study halls! Plus, what better way to start your morning than some peaceful Downward Dog?

Operantics and Theatre Production

If you’re like me and not a great singer or performer, you might feel a little hesitant to take advantage of Oak Knoll’s fantastic music program. However, Operantics and Theatre Production is a great option for the less musically inclined! In our class, we watched and listened to some major operatic works from the Metropolitan Opera House. We also learned about the various operations of theater production, such as set design, lighting, costumes, and props. This class is actually what encouraged me to join OKS Stage Crew another great way to get involved behind the scenes with the arts in the Upper School!

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