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Top 10 things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

Posted by Meghan Hodgin on Sep 12, 2018 3:52:04 PM

Teachers spend quite a bit of time with students throughout the week. Many are with them before school, during and after school, depending on the activities and needs of each child. The job of a teacher is never easy, and it’s never truly done – even after high school. As we head into the first full week of school this year, we asked teachers of children in grades K-12 to weigh in on what they wished parents knew about the work they do and insight they bring. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Top things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

1. Everyone Needs Time to Adjust to the Back-to-School Mindset

It is OK for all of us – students, parents, teachers and administration – to need time to adjust to being back to school. Making time for self-care and time for family events should be a part of our back-to-school routines.

 2. Teachers Mostly Want Students to Be Happy

Yes, grades are important and we all use them as a guide of student performance. But grades aren’t everything. Teachers want students to be happy just as much, if not more, than they want them to excel on paper.

 3. It’s OK that Your Child May Fail

It’s OK to fail. In fact, it’s good to fail so one can learn how to handle and recover from failure.

4. Children Need You to Be their Role Model

Break out of your comfort zone. Students are painfully reticent to take on a new sport, a new club or a new adventure. Being a thoughtful risk taker is necessary in today’s world and valuable in the college admissions process. The best way to plant this seed is to model it for them.

5. Stay Involved. Even in Middle/High School

We know that students or teenagers may “push you away,” and for many, part of the maturation process is giving them room to fly and grow. But staying involved is so important. Review tests with them and ask how they could have answered things differently; read their essays and give them thoughtful feedback. It takes a village.

6. Be patient

Your children are going through a lot. With school work, after-school and family obligations, they have a lot of their plates – as do you.

7. Trust Your Children

Believe in yourself as a parent. You raised them and have given them the tools to be responsible and accountable, with a good sense of awareness.

8. Trust Your Gut

If you think you’re being heavy-handed, you probably are.

9. It’s OK to Say Sorry

Parents (and teachers) need to have the courage and humility to apologize when circumstances require it.  

10. We’re on the Same Team

Ultimately, it’s every teacher’s goal to give your child the tools to be successful in life, no matter the path they may choose. It’s important to remember that we’re on the same team and the most effective way for us to partner-up is to have open and positive dialogue.

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