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The Advantages of Private Schools

Posted by Meghan Hodgin on Feb 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The decision whether to go to a private or public school is a personal matter. Families choose to send their children to different types of schools for so many reasons — reputation, location, academic and extracurricular offerings, and cost, are just a few of the biggest. And, the decision is not only between public and private schools — charter schools and homeschooling are also popular options.

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As you consider options for your family, keep in mind the many advantages of private schools, which can offer a customized learning experience for your child that is usually mission-driven and delivered through specialized teachers in a tight-knit community.

Core Values

No matter if the school is religious or secular in nature, all private schools are mission-driven. When a school’s core values resonate with parents and students, it enables them to be part of something bigger than themselves. Especially for schools that have a long legacy, families are connected in a special way to the school’s history, and that connection lasts a lifetime.

Individual Attention

Your child is not a number in private school. Most public schools do not have the luxury to offer smaller class sizes that enable teachers to work closely with a student or small group of students. Private school teachers know their students well and can cater their lessons to the different kinds of learners in their classrooms.

Specialized Instruction

Because private schools do not have the same classroom restrictions as public schools, teachers have more freedom to develop and implement curriculum based on the needs of those individual learners in their classrooms. Teachers in private schools are also considered “specialists,” often teaching in their areas of expertise, which enables them to focus on and truly devote themselves to one area – offering truly specialized instruction to your child.


Private schools are made up of a tight-knit community that is inclusive of current parents, faculty and staff, students, alumni, former parents, grandparents, among many others. The parents’ groups encourage moms and dads to get involved at school in their child’s activities as well as offer parent-only activities (book clubs, prayer groups, speaker events, dinners, etc.). Alumni organizations also encourage former students to come back to campus frequently or on an annual basis for reunion or other networking events.

The Bottom Line: There are many advantages of private schools, but private school isn’t for everyone. It is important to research every school and speak with an admissions counselor to discuss your family’s specific needs, goals and concerns.

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