Grace Lynch

Grace Lynch ’18 is a senior at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child in Summit, New Jersey.

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Why I Chose Oak Knoll School

Posted by Grace Lynch on Jun 4, 2018 3:34:28 PM

Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child always seemed like a magical place to me. When I was younger, I had two cousins and an older sister who attended the school and I anticipated the days when one of them would forget a book and I would accompany my mom to drop it off. The campus was beautiful and I loved the look of the uniform.

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6 Ways to Make Friends in Middle School

Posted by Grace Lynch on May 23, 2018 9:40:17 AM

Starting at a new school can be tough, especially when you don’t know anyone. I joined my school in seventh grade, which meant many of the girls already knew each other from younger grades, and I figured I would be like an outsider looking in. It’s really hard to get excited about school when you’re worried about being “the new kid.”

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